Introducing Dr Siobhan Ryan, Clinical Psychologist

We're excited to begin the year by welcoming a new team member, Dr Siobhan Ryan, Clinical Psychologist. Siobhan has a strong focus on respect and collaboration. She is compassionate in supporting her clients as they work through difficulties, recognising that the client is the expert in themselves and their situation. [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Seeing a Psychologist

How many sessions do people tend to see a psychologist for? Every person has a different journey through therapy. This is largely dependent on the nature of why they are coming in and what it is that they are hoping to get out of sessions. Some people come to see [...]

How to Communicate Effectively with Your Partner During Conflict

# 1 Stick to the topic  Have you ever had that feeling during a heated discussion that you can’t quite remember what it was that sparked the argument in the first place? This tends to happen when we rehash old material - when we add old hurts, old pet peeves, [...]

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What’s the Secret Weapon of Happy Couples?

As Valentine's Day comes around again for another year you might find yourself feeling like you're surrounded by couples who are perfectly in sync. For the large majority of couples though conflict is par for the course. As Dr Russ Harris says, “There are two types of couples in this [...]

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Tips for Taking Care of Yourself this Christmas

The silly season is upon us once again. Surrounded by cheery (and maybe cheesy?!) Christmas carols, shiny decorations and the glossy fantasy of picture perfect family gatherings, you'd be forgiven for wondering if you're the only person finding this time of year tough. You're not alone though. It seems that with [...]