Myths and Misunderstandings About Mindfulness

Myth #1 Mindfulness-based approaches encourage you to never think, plan, contemplate, problem-solve or worry Recently I read an article that criticised mindfulness for encouraging people not to think. The author argued that thinking is important not only an individual level, but also in terms of our society progressing. New ideas, inventions, [...]

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The Key to Building a Meaningful and Satisfying Life: Identifying Your Values

What matters to you most in this world? How do you want to spend your short time on this earth? What would you like to stand for? How do you want to relate to people and the world around you? What are you doing when you feel most at peace, [...]

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A Mindfulness Interview with Catherine Morey-Nase from The Wellbeing Corner

In this week's blog I'm delighted to share an interview I recently did with Catherine Morey-Nase from The Wellbeing Corner. Catherine runs nourishing and restorative mindful hikes and 6-week "learn to meditate" courses. I was lucky enough to meet Catherine in a workshop, where I was excited to learn that [...]

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What’s the Secret Weapon of Happy Couples?

As Valentine's Day comes around again for another year you might find yourself feeling like you're surrounded by couples who are perfectly in sync. For the large majority of couples though conflict is par for the course. As Dr Russ Harris says, “There are two types of couples in this [...]

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Tune Up Your Mental Health by Tuning Into Your Relationship with Technology

Are you one of the many Australians who spend more time in front of screens than they do sleeping? Do you habitually whip out your mobile phone while you wait for a friend? When you here the “ping” of a text or email arriving in your inbox do you need [...]

Seven Tips for Overcoming Sleep Problems

#1 Set yourself an electronic curfew at least one hour before you go to bed. Phones and computers produce blue light which disrupts your circadian rhythm (your body’s biological clock). Light of any kind is the enemy of sleep, but in a Harvard University study blue light in particular was [...]

Getting on Top of Your Work-Life Balance

Over the last decade in some pockets of life there has undoubtedly been a shift towards encouraging people to work towards work-life balance. A “slow movement” where hobbies are encouraged, time-out to do "nothing" is praised and relaxation is a legitimate way to pass the hours. On the other hand [...]

Tips for Taking Care of Yourself this Christmas

The silly season is upon us once again. Surrounded by cheery (and maybe cheesy?!) Christmas carols, shiny decorations and the glossy fantasy of picture perfect family gatherings, you'd be forgiven for wondering if you're the only person finding this time of year tough. You're not alone though. It seems that with [...]

5 Tips for Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2016!

As you move towards the pointy end of the year, in amongst all the chaos of the silly season, you might find yourself contemplating how you’d like 2016 to unfold. Perhaps you’ve got a long standing habit (or habits!!) you’d like to work on breaking or maybe you’re thinking about [...]

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Six Simple Ways to Get Started with Your Own Mindfulness Practice

Most of the mindfulness exercises below can be done anywhere and at any time. They can be useful strategies for moments when you need to pause and step back from what you are doing, thinking or feeling. Why not jump in and get started with trying one of these mindfulness [...]

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