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We’re always keeping our eyes peeled for experienced, ethical and friendly psychologists to join our team.
If you’re seeking an exceptional working environment, we’d love to hear from you!

Here’s a little bit about us

Our Practice Director

Our practice director, Dr Jacqueline Baulch, is a Clinical Psychologist. Jacqueline is hands-on, responsive and dedicated to creating an ethical, client-centred practice where psychologists feel supported and valued.

Support Team

We have a wonderful Support Team and Support Team Manager who look after both our clients and psychologists. They take care of most reception and administration duties, leaving our psychologists to focus their time and energy on clients.


We have a constant stream of referrals so our psychologists are never concerned about having a quiet calendar. At the same time though, we believe in balance and self-care, so we encourage our psychologists to take breaks from new referrals when they want or need to.

Our Clients

Our clients come with a range of presenting issues and from a variety of backgrounds, so we are lucky to be able to offer varied and rewarding clinical caseloads. We do not work with third parties such as EAP, Workcover or TAC. We also don’t provide court reports or assessments.

Beautiful Spaces

We provide beautifully appointed, professional consulting rooms. To see pictures of our spaces visit the “locations” tab on our website.

Our Network

We have strong links with GPs, psychiatrists, allied health practitioners and other psychologists. A significant number of clients find us through word of mouth from current clients and through our website and social media.

Three Central Locations

We are based in three central locations – Kensington, Melbourne CBD and Fitzroy North. Our Kensington clinic is a stand-alone converted warehouse that was renovated at the beginning of 2017. Our Fitzroy North and CBD rooms are located in in the same building as a holistic health centre.

Supportive Environment

We understand that private practice can be isolating, so in addition to support from our Director and Support Team, we facilitate peer supervision, team meetings and complimentary professional development evenings. We also provide a comprehensive induction process and an informal buddy system for new team members. Although our psychologists work independently from a clinical perspective, we are fortunate to have a lovely sense of community and collaboration within our team.

Attractive Terms

We offer competitive remuneration, genuinely flexible working conditions and a transparent, non-restrictive Independent Contractor arrangement.

Here’s what our psychologists have to say about working at IMCP

I’ve been at IMCP since 2015. Jacqueline has a warmth and sincerity of manner. She is very approachable and willing to assist, and she demonstrates compassion and creativity in her leadership. There is a good sense of community within the team with the options of regular peer supervision and professional development. At the same time, there is plenty of independence, flexibility and respect for the preferences of individual clinicians. I have found the clinical work at IMCP to be very rewarding. There is a steady stream of appropriate referrals, with a good range of presentations. I feel very lucky to be working here and I would highly recommend taking up a position at IMCP.

Helen Shepherd, Clinical Psychologist

I feel very privileged to work as part of the team at IMCP. IMCP pride themselves on being client-centred, and the Support Team are responsive and organised. The rooms are beautifully furnished and provide a warm and nurturing environment for clients. I love the opportunities to engage in peer supervision with the team and to attend professional development.

Dr Pam Pilkington, Psychologist

Working at IMCP has been a hugely positive experience. I feel that Jacqueline cares about my personal wellbeing, career development and work-life balance. Jacqueline is dedicated to growing her business, and she is always coming up with new initiatives to improve the clinic process and the client experience.

Chen Xu, Psychologist

Such a great place to work! Jacqueline is an approachable, responsive, flexible and supportive director, with a clear vision and organisational talent. The newly renovated Kensington clinic has been transformed into a beautifully relaxing place. The Support Team is staffed by young clinicians-to-be (Masters and Honours level Psychology and Counselling students) doing great work ‘behind the scenes’ admin work so that you can focus on being a psychologist. There’s also a lovely team spirit at IMCP, with regular team meetings and peer supervision.

Dr Gerke Witt, Psychologist

Jacqueline works incredibly hard to create a relaxing, safe, and aesthetically pleasing space for clients and psychologists. She is so supportive and approachable, and allows her psychologists the flexibility to make their own decisions about how they’d like to work within the client-centred framework of the clinic. Jacqueline has also created a wonderful, supportive team environment, with an incredibly passionate, skilled, and supportive team of clinicians and support staff. People talk about private practice being isolating, but that definitely isn’t the experience at IMCP. Had I not moved to QLD to take up my dream job in psycho-oncology, I would have stayed at IMCP indefinitely.

Diane Geytenbeek, Clinical Psychologist

IMCP is a supportive and friendly working environment. Clients always comment on how beautiful the space is. The Support Team is efficient, responsive and helpful, making my job so much smoother.

Yvvone Yoong, Psychologist

Join Our Team

If you think you’d be a good match for our team, we’d love to hear from you!

Please send through your details, a cover letter that outlines what you would bring to IMCP and a copy of your CV using the form below. We’ll then get in touch with you.

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