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Please note that we only see clients through Medicare, private health insurance or privately. Unfortunately we are unable to see clients through TAC, Workcover, Victims of Crime, NDIS or any other third party. We also do not provide court reports or one off assessments. If you’d like to chat further about this though, of course get in touch with us.

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AnxietyDepressionStress and burnoutRelationship difficultiesChildren’s mental healthGeneralised anxietySocial anxietyPanic attacksPhobiasHealth anxietyTrauma and post-traumatic stressEating disordersBody image issuesPre and postnatal mental healthGrief and lossLow self-esteemPerfectionismAutism spectrum disordersBody dysmorphic disorderAdjusting to a new country and culturePeople from immigrant, asylum seeking and refugee backgroundsSupport for abusive relationshipsSexual assaultJob or study dissatisfaction
Carer supportAdjustment to stressful life changesDrug and alcohol issuesEmotional difficultiesBipolarSleep problemsAnger managementCommunication skillsIdentity issuesPsychosisObsessions and compulsionsChronic illness and painLiving with cancerLearning difficultiesCouples counsellingSexuality and sexual developmentWellbeing and self-careSelf-developmentInternet and game addictionFamily issuesParenting issuesSchool-based issuesTerminal illness and end of life issuesWomen's health issuesDissociation

Of the issues above which one feels like the main issue, or the one you feel most concerned about?

When people mention drug and alcohol issues we ask a few extra questions. This information is really helpful in assisting us to figure out whether our clinic is the best place for you to get support.

Which substance(s) you are wanting assistance with?

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To book you in, we will need the following details about your partner:

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When clients mention an eating disorder we like to get a bit more information, such as, which eating disorder you are referring to and whether you are linked in with any other services such as a GP. It also helps us to know if this is the main reason bringing you in, or if there is something else that feels more pressing or concerning.

Please provide more information that will ensure that we are able to provide more specific recommendations for support.

When clients mention anger management we like to ask a few extra questions to help us to figure out whether our clinic is the best place for you to get support.

Can you let us know more about the specific issues you are having with your anger?

Has your anger ever resulted in you being violent? Please provide more information if so.

Please provide some more information about your concerns around obsessions and compulsions

Have you been diagnosed with psychosis by a GP, psychiatrist or other mental health professional?

If you have been diagnosed with psychosis, please provide us with some information about who made this diagnosis and when this occurred?

If you are currently seeing a psychiatrist, please provide their name and phone number.

If you are currently taking medication, please let us know which type of medication and what dose you are taking.

Please let us know if there is any other information that you think it would be helpful for us to know when matching you up with one of our psychologists.

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If you have already used sessions with another psychologist, how many have you used since 1st January this year?
If you are unsure about this you would need to speak with Medicare (Ph: 132 011) and bring this information along to your first session.