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Our approach

At Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology we believe that effective therapy is not only about developing new ways of coping, but also about increasing self-awareness. Long lasting change tends to happen when we are able to understand what triggers the issues that we struggle with and what keeps them going. By getting to know ourselves better we are able to step out of auto-pilot and build a life centered around what matters to us most. We help clients to recognise their personal strengths and find a way around barriers that might be preventing them from getting the most out of their lives.

We believe that for therapy to be effective clients must feel that it is a good match between themselves and their psychologist. When clients find a psychologist that feels right for them they are more likely to feel safe, understood and accepted. This provides the foundation for people to experience important moments of self-discovery and meaningful change both within and outside of therapy sessions.

Depending on their clients’ needs and preferences our psychologists integrate a variety of evidence-based approaches. To learn more about each of these approaches click on the dot points below.