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About us

Are you looking for a psychologist in Melbourne? We can help.

Our team of experienced, professional and warm psychologists will support you to overcome the challenges and struggles in your life using up-to-date, evidence-based treatment approaches.

Drawing on your personal strengths, we will help you to feel equipped with effective tools and strategies to decrease your stress levels, enhance your wellbeing and lead to sustained improvements in your mental health.

We will work together with you to find ways around barriers that might be preventing you from getting the most out of your life and your relationships.

To get to know more about each of our psychologists, take a look at their profiles below or if you’d like to chat about which team member might be the best match for you give us a call on (03) 9376 1958.

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psychologist melbourne jacqueline baulch

Dr Jacqueline Baulch

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Beth Oh Psychologist Melbourne

Dr Beth Oh

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Catherine Morey-Nase Psychologist

Catherine Morey-Nase

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chenhong xu psychologist melbourne

Chenhong Xu

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clare burton psychologist melbourne

Clare Burton

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chris cheers psychologist melbourne

Chris Cheers

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dana ben-israel psychologist melbourne

Dana Ben-Israel

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Elke Ponczek Psychologist

Elke Ponczek

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gerke witt psychologist melbourne

Dr Gerke Witt

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Dr Niamh Long psychologist melbourne

Heather Conroy

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Helen Shepherd

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joanna lothian psychologist melbourne

Joanna Lothian

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kate mcgregor melbourne psychologist

Dr Kate McGregor

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Kristen Barnes Psychologist

Kristen Barnes

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Kyli Hedrick Psychologist

Kyli Hedrick

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mariel Sanchez-Rockliffe psychologist melbourne

Dr Mariel Sanchez-Rockliffe

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Nanette Gerlach Psychologist

Nanette Gerlach

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pam pilkington psychologist melbourne

Dr Pam Pilkington

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Rebecca Wickham Psychologist

Rebecca Wickham

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richard stratton psychologist

Richard Stratton

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sarah dymond psychologist melbourne

Sarah Dymond

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Sharon Prendergast

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Simone Hoey Psychologist

Simone Hoey

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siobhan ryan psychologist melbourne

Dr Siobhan Ryan

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yvonne yoong melbourne psychologist

Yvonne Yoong

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If you’re not sure who might be the best match for you, or you have any other questions, our friendly support team are always happy to help.
Give us a call on (03) 9376 1958.