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How to Harness Your Inner Critic (Part One)

How did you speak to yourself the last time you had “one of those days”? You know, those days when from the moment you open your eyes you sense that it’s going to be a slog. Simple tasks, like packing your lunch, feel like an ordeal. More complex and demanding [...]

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Introducing Sharon Prendergast, Psychologist at Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology

We are pleased to welcome the newest member of our team at Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology, Sharon Prendergast. Sharon is a fully registered psychologist with over fifteen years of experience improving the mental health and wellbeing of her clients. She considers herself incredibly lucky to have found a career where [...]

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Introducing Dr Gerke Witt, Clinical Psychologist at Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology

We are pleased introduce the newest member of our team at Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology, Dr Gerke Witt. Gerke is a registered clinical psychologist and a founding member of the Australian Clinical Psychology Association. She completed her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at The University of Melbourne. Gerke has over [...]

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Myths and Misunderstandings About Mindfulness

Myth #1 Mindfulness-based approaches encourage you to never think, plan, contemplate, problem-solve or worry Recently I read an article that criticised mindfulness for encouraging people not to think. The author argued that thinking is important not only an individual level, but also in terms of our society progressing. New ideas, inventions, [...]

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The Key to Building a Meaningful and Satisfying Life: Identifying Your Values

What matters to you most in this world? How do you want to spend your short time on this earth? What would you like to stand for? How do you want to relate to people and the world around you? What are you doing when you feel most at peace, [...]

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A Mindfulness Interview with Catherine Morey-Nase from The Wellbeing Corner

In this week's blog I'm delighted to share an interview I recently did with Catherine Morey-Nase from The Wellbeing Corner. Catherine runs nourishing and restorative mindful hikes and 6-week "learn to meditate" courses. I was lucky enough to meet Catherine in a workshop, where I was excited to learn that [...]

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Introducing Diane Geytenbeek, Psychologist at Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology

It's been an exciting few weeks at Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology. We welcomed Nazli Kayhan onboard last week and this week we have the pleasure of introducing you to Diane Geytenbeek, registered psychologist. Diane is a compassionate, authentic, person centred psychologist, who believes in the importance of establishing a safe, [...]

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How to Get Through a Panic Attack

Recognise the symptoms of panic attacks To manage a panic attack effectively the first and most important step is being able to recognise the symptoms. Knowledge is power. To learn more about the symptoms of panic attacks take a read through our blog What are the Symptoms of Panic Attacks? [...]

What are the Symptoms of a Panic Attack?

Your sitting on a train on your way home from work and suddenly out of the blue you become aware of your heart. It pounds rapidly, reverberating throughout your whole body. Your attention is drawn to a terrifying choking sensation. You can’t seem to get enough air into your lungs. [...]

What’s the Secret Weapon of Happy Couples?

As Valentine's Day comes around again for another year you might find yourself feeling like you're surrounded by couples who are perfectly in sync. For the large majority of couples though conflict is par for the course. As Dr Russ Harris says, “There are two types of couples in this [...]

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